Pyrford Little Theatre - Musical Hall - Coming Soon

September 8th and 9th will see Pyrford Little Theatre performing a Music Hall with the profits going to the NSPCC. It will be a special show for the group because it's in honour of long-serving member Janis Brockis, who sadly died earlier this year.

"Janis was a great fan of Music Hall and we're aiming to put on a show that she'd be proud of," said Jonathan Howell, PLT's chairman. The evening will include a melodrama, songs, and jokes - including some medleys where the audience will be encouraged to join in (just try stopping them). Table seating will bring a relaxed air to the proceedings, so come along and join the fun. Feel free to bring along your own drinks and nibbles, PLT will provide the entertainment.

Coming Soon - Send A.D.S - Goodnight Mr Tom

Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to the Second World War, 'Goodnight Mr Tom' follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley.  All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by his mother back to London.

The play won the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment and Family in 2013.

It ends as children's theatre should: adults audibly snivelling and children breathlessly attentive.

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Coming Soon - Guildbury's Theatre Company - The Lady in the Van


The Lady in the Van, starring Maggie Smith, was one of the film hits of 2015 – now the Guildburys Theatre Company is bringing the original play, complete with real van, to Guildford.

The production, which will be performed from Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th May 2017, marks the company’s return to the Electric Theatre after sell-out shows of Tom Stoppard’s  On The Razzle in November 2016. 


When Mary Shepherd parked her home on a street in a trendy part of London, no-one knew what to expect. The neighbours complained, but one took a particular interest and invited her to move her van onto his driveway where she remained for 15 years until her death in 1989. That neighbour was the renowned playwright Alan Bennett.

Through her escapades, from her letter to the Argentinian Embassy at the height of the Falklands War to her attempts to stand for Parliament, Alan Bennett discovers Miss Shepherd’s fascinating history.


Director, Eddie Woolrich, said: “If you enjoyed the film, or even if you haven’t seen it, then come and see the original stage version.”

“The play is surprisingly funny, tender and beautifully observed and is one I have wanted to direct for some time.  It poses some technical challenges for the production team, most of all getting a van on stage, but we’ve now tracked one down and are recreating the home in which Miss Shepherd lived for decades.”

Tickets are available from or